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  I wish I could have met her,
But that wasn't meant to be,
  She passed on a year before,
You had ever even met me.
  Your sister says she'd have loved me,
With as much as I love you,
  And to be completely honest,
I certainly hope that's true.
  I wish she'd be at our wedding,
To cry with pride for her son,
  To ask how many kids we'll have,
Though the answer will always be "None."
  I wish that we could visit her,
whatever time we want,
  To have conversations and laughs,
On the porch swing out front.
  I promise we'll go back someday,
To lay flowers on her stone,
  I'll try to wipe the tears away,
To which you might be prone.
  I wish we could have met,
So I, too, could hug and love her,
  Happy Birthday in Heaven to,
The lady you call "Mother".
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Tourniquet :iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 2 5
Mature content
19 :iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 1 1
Mature content
Blood :iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 8 15
Patch Me To Pieces
Perhaps I was wrong in thinking we should be apart.
After all, it wasn't bad at all in the beginning.
True, things were downhill for awhile.
Really though, it's better now, isn't it?
I love you, and I always will.
Could you do something for me?
Keep me in your heart, always.
Anytime you call, I'm always here.
Never will I leave your side.
Til the day you tell me to.
Hell, not even then.
Only with you do I want to be.
Not even when I'm gone will I stop loving you.
You mean too much to me.
Tear me to pieces emotionally.
Anger and rage could be all you feel.
Yet I can't abandon the hurting boy I see.
Love is all I can bear to feel for him.
Once upon a time, I hoped we'd be together forever.
Reality has set in now, and I know I'm wrong.
I love you, Patch...
:iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 9 5
All That I've Got
I have died a thousand times,
Holding in my lovesick rhyme,
Wish you would forever be mine.
I should have listened to you,
You were right all along,
Now I forge my regret,
Into a tuneless song.
When did life,
Become so wrong?
Life was better with you here.
I know it'd take some time to fully heal.
But I don't want to.
Because I want you.
I know what I said before,
But I've run it through my head,
A thousand times or more,
And being alone,
Kills me to the core.
:iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 8 13
New ID by FadeAway1694 New ID :iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 9 23
I don't need me anymore
And neither do you
You never did
Did you
Tear me down mentally
I am nothing now
What's left
No one
Take all that I have
All that I am
Break me
It only takes 1 pound of pressure to pierce human skin
And only it takes 1 moment alone to make me cry
I may not be made of glass or paper
But I am made of flesh and blood
I'm shattered just as easily
I am not a skyscraper
I'm the Twin Towers
I can't rise above
I've burned down
I'm dead inside
I can't take it
I can't stand on my feet anymore
They're too bloody and bruised
I've crawled into a corner
Hugging my knees hard
Crying broken sobs
I want to scream my voice hoarse
To let out all my unspoken pain
But I can never do that
Someone will hear me
And I can't be not-perfect
I can never be human
Or make mistakes
Doing things perfectly is all I have
I don't have anything else
Nothings that matters
No smarts or looks
Not down here
They can't see me on the inside
They don't see me on the outside
:iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 7 10
Mature content
The Last Thought I'm Wasting On You :iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 9 20
I Don't Love You Like I Did Yesterday...
I have loved you all my life,
Without ever seeing the hidden knife.
I listened to your political view,
And your conspiracies, though slightly askew.
I loved your music, movies, and games,
Growing up, we had loved the same things.
We forged a bond, you and I,
One I had hoped would never die.
But I was wrong, and now I see,
That we are no longer a family.
We barely even tolerate each other,
When was the last time you loved my mother?
She did you wrong, I know that now,
But can you not forgive her; what of your vows?
I know you haven't, though you say you did,
Because if that were true, would we be like this?
"Daddy, please, don't leave this way!"
Is that what you want to hear me say?
The day you go, I'll not be seen,
It's her you abandon, and my brother and me.
Tears will forever stream down my face,
I'll never again wish "Happy Father's Day!"
Can I even call you my father anymore?
Or must I deal with my heart being torn?
Will you simply remain the man that made me?
Was all the "love" yo
:iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 14 23
Mature content
Lost in Paradise :iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 7 16
Mature content
Before the Dawn :iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 2 3
You wrap me in,
Your sweet embrace,
And wipe away the tears,
Streaming down my face.
You hold me close,
When no one else can,
And make me remember,
Who I really am.
You're the only one,
Who can scream and shout,
And I never get fed up,
Or chew you out.
You've re-kindled a fire,
Thought to be dead,
But all I needed,
Was to get out of my head.
And when you're soft and quiet,
So am I,
You have saved me,
So many times.
I want to live,
Because of you,
You are my Music,
You are my muse.
:iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 15 20
Fade Away
These elusive dreams, When I awake,
All my hopes with them, They take,
And fade into the very heart of my mind.
Nightmares then, Take over me,
And leave no room, For me to see,
For they leave this reality safely behind.
I no longer dream when I'm asleep,
The hope I had no longer i keep,
My reality begins to unravel, unwind.
I never wanted to feel, or be this way,
But I can't take this pain, every day,
Would it be so bad? To fade away?
I balance on the edge of a cliff that's steep,
The waters below are dark, and deep,
Do I crawl back to safety? Or dive off the end?
I'm in a cave, dark and wet,
But there's a light, my path is not set,
Do I stay in darkness? Or do I ascend?
I make the cuts, and the blood runs red,
It pools darkly around me on the bed,
For I had chose to no longer pretend.
You all made me feel, and be this way,
I could no longer take the pain, every day,
It won't be so bad... To fade away...
Being dead wouldn't be so bad,
You don't have to worry, about the problems you had
:iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 11 16
Last Goodbye
This is the last goodbye,
I'll every say,
For the heartache I feel,
Every day,
Has taken over,
A once-innocent mind,
And left me with a feeling,
That is empty,
I can't take this pain,
In my heart,
It burns inside,
And tears me apart,
To pick up the pieces,
Would only shatter me more,
I think I'll just sit here,
And be torn...
:iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 6 2
Mature content
You :iconfadeaway1694:FadeAway1694 3 6


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I tend to write things, occasionally. Not much else to say about that. They vary greatly as far as content, depth, and overall strangeness goes. I don't write as much as I'd like, but that's okay. I don't want to put too much about my actual life on here. Think I'd rather just keep it as my notebook for all my weird thoughts and stories. I'll give occasional updates in journals, but not in my bio. :P
Hey guys. Sooooo, one of my fave bands, In This Moment, just released their new album, Black Widow. Aaaaaand I don't think I like it. Granted, there's a song or two that I don't mind, but the rest is just... -sigh- I don't know where to start. And I feel bad for not liking it as much as I feel I should, but I don't like the new direction they are heading in. A Star-Crossed Wasteland was their best album and I wish they would've kept with that. I like Blood and The Dream, but ASCW is the best. (Although they definitely needed a new music video director because you can get good stories pictured in your head by listening to the songs, but the music vids were really bland and had no story to them.) Or at the very least, IMO, Maria Brink should do what Andy Biersack and Trevor McNevan have done and go do some different stuff on the side as a separate project, so as to not detract from the original band. Anyway, question of the day/week/month: Has this happened to any of your favorite bands/artists? (Where you don't like the direction they are heading/have headed?)
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